Online Branding – Web Design

Online Branding – Web Design


For a brand to be effective, the experience needs to live up to the promise. So at GBW whether were developing a new brand or repositioning an existing one, our first step is to understand the experience. From there, we can begin to identify the promises your brand can make and keep.

Those promises then form the basis for our creative development, feeding directly into your brand language, livery and logo. More importantly, they ensure that the brand articulates your organisation, product or initiative in a way that consumers will recognise and respond to. Bell can then help guide the development of your brand management.

Web Design – why choose us?

Every business needs a website and in reality a website is probably the single most important acquisition for any company. Good web design is an essential part of your online presence.

We can deliver accessible and highly professional web design with excellent visual appeal, outstanding navigation, good information architecture and great content. All our websites are search engine optimised and are designed specifically to meet both the commercial needs of our clients and the user needs of their customers.

Website Re-Design and Maintenance Services

The Internet is a very fast moving environment and it is important that your website remains up to date with current Internet trends and surfer expectations.

An out of date website can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived by potential customers/business partners. If you are looking for a website redesign we are the perfect choice.

Changing the look and feel of your site is an important aspect of a websites maintenance. We offer:

  • Cost effective Re-Design of websites, touch-ups, updates
  • Re-Design for the latest in creative and innovativeweb design implementation
  • Website Re-Design to reflect your new online web business vision

Why choose us?

  • We have proven expertise in creating high performing eCommerce sites, as well as brochure sites, microsites, intranets and Business Card sites.
  • We have proven expertise in building bespoke web based content management functionality, and can build a content management system (CMS) to your exact web requirements.
  • We build in programming languages that are easily supported.
  • We build sites that employ W3C compliant XHTML and CSS coding to ensure website usability.
  • Our website design and web build process takes SEO into account from the outset of the project, using search engine friendly website coding and site architecture to enhance and maintain search engine rankings.