Branding – Essential for The Success of Your Business

Branding – Essential for The Success of Your Business


GBW media stands for “Graphics-Branding-Web” Media. We are specialists in branding and graphic design for businesses. For a brand to be effective, the experience needs to live up to the promise. So at GBW whether were developing a new brand or repositioning an existing one, our first step is to understand the experience. From there, we can begin to identify the promises your brand can make and keep. Read some more tips on branding.

Logo Design – why choose us?

Every business needs a logo and in reality a logo is probably the single most important acquisition for any company. A strong logo design is an essential part of your branding.

We can deliver accessible and highly professional logo design with excellent visual appeal, designed especially for your company. All our logos are designed specifically to meet the commercial needs of our clients. We have a full and comprehensive graphic design package available for our clients, you can see the full details here.

Have a look at one of our clients. We managed this company’s re-branding and logo design.

Once the design process was complete the client received:

  •     Four custom designed logos
  •     1 to 1 sessions with our Creative Director
  •     Amendments / Revisions
  •     Logos supplied in a variety of electronic formats
  •     Full copyright of final logo transferred to client

 Website Re-Design and Maintenance Services

The Internet is a very fast moving environment and it is important that your website remains up to date with current Internet trends and surfer expectations. See for the web design experts.

  • An out of date website can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived by potential customers/business partners. If you are looking for a website redesign we are the perfect choice.
  • Changing the look and feel of your site is an important aspect of a websites maintenance. We offer:
  • Cost effective Re-Design of websites, touch-ups, updates
  • Re-Design for the latest in creative and innovative web design implementation
  • Website Re-Design to reflect your new online web business vision

Contact us for more information about how we can help you and your business

Services suited to your business

Services suited to your business

We offer a range of services to communicate your brand including; logo design, branding guidelines, copywriting, colour schemes and style guides. And once we’ve finished elevating your brand, then we can also help promote it.

Top 10 tips on staying connected to your customers

Top 10 tips on staying connected to your customers

Internet services that connect you directly with your customers consist of things such as Flight Email, which provides bespoke email newsletters and mailings targeted directly to your client base with in depth reports.

Whatever your online needs we can help

Internet marketing & SEO

There are hundreds of Internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies that provide services to all manner of businesses and clients; from the small home business right through to large multi-national blue chip companies. Find out about internet marketing.

Their aim is to ensure your website is seen by as many relevant internet users as possible. They will know how to get your site seen by the right people and by focusing on relevance, performance and conversions.

Not only will your website improve your company profile and reputation, but also makes you the maximum possible return on your investment.

Bring your business app idea to life

Creating an app for your business is one of the most effective ways of staying connected to your customers. Not only does it provide more value to your customers through engagement, it can increase profits and put your brand at the front of everybody’s mind.

You can engage with your customers on a regular occasion by notifying them when a special offer is present or new products being released. Either way, your customers will know what’s happening and when with a mobile app. Begin planning your app with a local app developer today.

It is important to remember that not everybody has the same device. When discussing this with a developer, it is vital that you think of all the devices that may be used. This includes Apple iPhone’s, iPad’s and Androids. The most popular iPad’s used are the iPad Pro collection and iPad Air. These are known for being the best iPad’s on the market and despite their durable properties, too much use may result in a bloated battery or even software damage. See what’s involved in an iPad battery replacement.

Stay online!

An online presence is essential for all modern businesses today so you need to make sure you have the most reliable internet connection possible. Fibre optic cables provide the fastest possible upload and download speeds available, saving you valuable work time. Fibre optic cables are incredibly reliable and hardly ever go down meaning you are always online for your customers.

Transform your business by investing in fibre optic installation for your offices – find out more.

Social media stay connected

Social Media is more popular than ever today. There are bigger budgets in online advertising than TV or Radio. People communicate, socialise and network increasingly online. Marketing in forums, social networking and social bookmarking websites can be more difficult than it seems. See social media benefits.

Normal marketing and advertising rules do not apply as communities are sensitive to their unique code of conduct that is respected at all times. Adding value and building trust are key to an approach. Social media has a structured approach on strategy, analysis, monitoring and timely execution.

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