Graphic Design: Visual Communication


What is Graphic Design?

Using a range of computer software or by hand, graphic design is truly a creative medium that involves visual communication to potential consumers for a service or product.

Graphic designers are at the heart of the design process for every outlet. Whether it’s for magazines, corporate reports or advertisements, everything goes through the graphic design process. That’s why a number of graphic design companies exist and offer a range of services.

What Graphic Design Jobs are There?

The graphic design field can be a slightly daunting and overwhelming one to navigate through. Even going through training and obtaining a degree is just the very start of any prospective graphic designers’ career.

Given that graphic designing is such a creative field, there are a number of roles that include:

  • Brand Identify Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Photoshop / Photo editing Artist
  • Multimedia Designer

What is the Average Pay for a Graphic Designer?

Like any industry, the more experience you begin to acquire, the increased chances you’ll get of commanding a higher salary. Typically, a graphic design specialist can look to earn around $45,000 yearly, but this varies. Find out more.

Another aspect of graphic design that it’s incredibly common for artists and designers to offer freelance services, which can be a fantastic way to earn some extra funds when it comes to saving.

What’s the future like for Graphic Designing?

Graphic design truly is a growing business. Recent studies show that the industry is expected to grow by around 4% in the upcoming years.

With a bigger focus on digital design and advertising, it’s becoming increasingly important for graphic designers to adapt to the shift of marketing and capitalising on offering relevant services to prospective clients.