Affordable ways of branding your business

Rise above the competition

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, no matter what size. Having a successful branding strategy can push you ahead of increasingly competitive markets. Any size of business, you will need to think of ways of branding your business to bring in potential customers. Continue reading.

Did you know that street marketing has been proven to be one of the most successful ways of promoting your business?

There are many different roles that come into street marketing, including:

  • promotional staff
  • exhibition staff
  • service staff
  • events
  • app launches
  • models
  • data capture
  • product sampling
  • leaflet distributors

We recommend StreetPR for all of your marketing needs. Over the years they have built up a huge reputation, especially in London. They have raised the standards of staffing teams and create influential and reliable brand ambassadors. See the importance of having quality brand ambassadors by clicking here.

Personalised uniforms – a walking billboard

Have you ever thought about employee uniforms? Having uniforms has so many benefits, especially to create an attractive and professional business image. Not only that, but they work well to promote your brand. Click here to start shopping for your work uniform from a leading online supplier.

Displaying your logo and brand name on a uniform can attract new customers as they act as a ‘walking billboard’ and can promote a brand / product for free.

Promotional products have been proven effective

It is proven that over 56% of people are more favourable to a brand after receiving a personal promotional product, so what’s stopping you in personalising items that represent your brand? Wrappz supply a range of products ready for you to personalise with whatever you want. Add photos, colour and even text and let the consumer know what your business is about. Click here.

Products include phone, laptop and tablet covers, photo cushions and customised mugs. Browse their range of exciting products and begin promoting your brand to the right people. Raise your brand awareness.

Advertising to the public

Advertising has the power to persuade and to influence the mind if it is seen and noticed on a regular basis. It can build awareness to what your business is selling and people are likely to follow the information given. Ensure that the information on an advert is short, concise and gets to the point.

Depending on the target audience of the business can alter the type of advertising you choose, for example: